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In vitro anti microbial effect of crude extract against staphylococcus infection.

Combined Tulsi Extract and Cinnamon Oil Reduce

Ethno Medicinal Knowledge of plants used by Irula Tribes of Nellithurai Beat, Karamadai Range, Western Ghats and Phytochemical screening of selected Lamiaceae species.

 Hypercholesterolemia in Dyslipidemic Rats

Ticagrelor, A Novel Drug Choice To Antiplatelet Therapy In

 Acute Coronary Syndrome

Formulation and Evaluation Of Diclofenac Sodium Tablets by Using Melt Granulation Technique

Prescribing Pattern Evaluation of NSAID’s in Arthritis Patients

Management of Primary Dysmenorrhoea by Dry Cupping: A Review

A review on Azathioprine

Ethosomes as novel drug delivery system: a review

Anti-ulcer effect of nigella sativa linn. Against gastric

 ulcers in rats

Wound healing activity  of poly herbal formulation  in albino rats using excision wound model, incision wound model, dead space wound model and burn wound model

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