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Jul-Sep 2019 | volume 7 | Issue 3


Silicosis is an occupational health disease affecting lungs caused by inhalation of silica dust. It leads to lung tumours, pulmonary tuberculosis and various other serious health hazards such as mycobacterial infection, fungal infection, certain autoimmune diseases. It is mostly found in workers exposed to silica dust such as mining, sandblasting, quarry, ceramics as well as grinders, stone cutters, brick workers, workers in the oil and gas industry, pottery workers, fiberglass manufacturing. The disease can be diagnosed by chest X-ray examination. Industrialisation has lead to rapid spread of the disease. The article describes types of silicosis, diagnosis, pathophysiology, prevention, treatment, and regulatory measures by the government bodies. It is a preventable disease. The disease needs to be further investigated towards prevention, treatment and diagnosis.
Vani Mamillapalli1*, Appikatla Bhavani1, Namagiri Aslesha Padmavathi1, Thondepu Haripriya1, Devangan Bhavana1, Padma Latha Khantamneni2
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